One of the most important keys to an Ageless Health of the body is the recognition of how water affects your life.

You probably never think about water as an element that is crucial to your vitality and health, and yet you can become dangerously dehydrated within a very short time if you do not drink water.

It is through the liquid systems of the body that all nutrients are carried to the cellular level and the toxins are transferred away and out of the body.

Living systems can carry on almost indefinitely only if they are not poisoned by their own waters and can continually be flooded by essential nutrients.

Water Cures Ulcers

Nearly all ulcer patients suffer from water starvation. Ulcers are caused by dehydration.

The pancreas cannot neutralize the stomach acid, so the body seals off the stomach flow using a muscle spasm. The stomach lining creates mucus to protect itself, the intestine cannot do this. The acid pools up, creating ulcers as the acid corrodes away at the tissue, what we call ulcers.

When a body is prepared to receive water, water cures ulcers. Nearly all ulcer patients suffer from water starvation.

Fat? Drink More Water!

Obesity is extreme dehydration; profuse water intake will cure it by letting the body function in its natural processes of fluid regulation. Water should be the emphasis, not the food!

Water Cures Headaches

Blood vessels get blocked, the constrict and it hurts. Dehydration is the cause, water is the cure. Even sinus headaches are cured by re-hydration.

Water Can Prevent Cancer

Dehydration is one of the greatest producers of free-radicalism in the body. Water is one of the greatest free radical removers.Water is for energy generation and metabolism. Dehydration can cause the condition called cancer, in that the body does not have the fluid it needs to metabolize DNA errors in cellular division. Dehydration in women can cause the stress which leads to the body raising the levels of prolactin, which has been known to excite breast cancer.

Water Can Relieve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Water generates energy through hydrolysis, which means, the splitting of water into its two components, hydrogen and oxygen. Whenever this occurs, energy is released. This energy generated by water helps produce what science has named ATP, a component that stores body energy. Just as there is solar energy in the body, there is hydro-electric energy.

Remember the body is about 70% water and the brain is around 93% water, water that needs to be replenished daily, made fresh and clean to unencumber the body. In this way water has cured chronic fatigue syndrome.