When I was just months over eight years of age, I attended some friends Sunday school class.

I sat enthralled as sister lake told the story of Daniel from chapter one in the Old Testament book of that same name.  I was thrilled to hear that four young men who had refused to eat the meat, wine and dainties of the kings appointed food allotment for them, had decided instead to eat just pulse and water.

After only ten days, it was obvious that they were healthier, and doing better than all of the young people dining upon the kings menu.

The story went on to declare that at the end of three years on pulse and water, these four young men where, in fact, tested out as being ten times smarter in all learning and problem solving skills than all of the learned men and the kings entire realm, which at that time was most of the known world.

It is an understatement to say that I went home that day filled with the thrill of wonder and awe.  I wouldn’t shut up about Pulse and water.  I drove my mum, family and friends nuts.  I had to have some, now!!!! 

Little did I know at the time that it would be a 17-year search as an adult to find what Pulse in fact is, and the simple profound wisdom behind it, in it and through it.

My Pulse Quest took me into large University information repositories, libraries of every size and kind, microfilm assembles, rear book collections of religious institutes seminaries, synagogues, scholastic lectures on ancient records, museums, international exhibitions, the British museum, the library of congest, the Smithsonian compound, displays, scrolls, parchment galleries, biblioethcaries, private and public athenaeums, halls filled with bibliothecastacks, reference rooms, tunnels, caverns of dusty ancient manuscripts, publications and transliterations and in the end from all of this, I carried nuggets of information from nearly every corner of human enquiry.

Much of what I had been exposed to though, felt like academic trivia.  It left me feeling empty.  I had not found a single presentation of any depth of understanding that would shed light or even hint as to the contents and form of Pulse.  With great disappointment and a heavy heart I quit; I gave up; I walked away. 

Two years later, through an accidental meeting of a wise old gentleman of letters and degrees, I was given a temporary appointment as a student researcher with its attendant responsibilities to the private architectonic instruments, documents and records collection of a world renowned consortium of ancient and arcane artifacts kept in, what they called, “The Den”,  also known to some as the Archiva Scriptorium.

It was here, while enjoying a daily ritual feast of words from minds of the past set in binders of translated papers with their accompanying scrolls or parchments that I found the object of my desire.

The defeated dream/quest of my youth was alive again, in the twinkling of an eye, the joy of a surprise resurrection.

I wept!

I laughed!

I trembled!

I took copious mental notes.  My memory etched each precious verse, and commentary into neutral stones to hang as plaques on the walls of my mind forever and ever.

Mental movies set alpha numerically by my minds eye for future viewing, and oh how I do watch them again and again.  I watch them at night, in the day, when I am busy and when I am not.

A dream came true, 10,000 times over, the sheer wonder of our minds, are memories and our imaginations as you’ll come to understand.

Pulse is the brilliance of natures table set to the music of seasons, measured in mathematical proportional harmonies according to an equation of life that appears colored and textured in keeping with the natural numerical science of smells and taste written in exact ratios of compass square, circle and field, gardens and groves, planting suns and harvesting moons.

Pulse is food for thought; Pulse is thought for food when the body is thought of in terms of the temple.  Pulse is usable, practical, applicable, timely and best of all, convenient.  Pulse is a meal in the form of snack; Pulse is a snack that is a meal.

Pulse eaten often fulfills the measure of its creation and helps you to fulfill the measure of yours.


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