Juice Bar

CABALA Juice Powder Has Been A Huge Success!

We have received lots of feedback about our CABALA Juice Powder. One of the biggest requests we have had, is to offer the Juice Powders ‘al-a-cart’.

We listened to you and we are proud to introduce:

100% Organic
Apple Juice Powder


100% Organic
Carrot Juice Powder

Both of these products have the same features as our original CABALA Juice Powder such as:

  • The Flavors Are Left 100% Intact!
  • The Food Colors Are Left 100% Intact!
  • The Solid Encased Particles Of Crystalline Structure Are Left Intact!
  • The 7 Known Fibers In Foods Are Left Intact
Carrot Juice Powder From Zest Organics

Basically, this means that “ONLY THE WATER IS REMOVED!”

These organic ‘light evaporated’ whole food powders, have a shelf life of 3 – 5 years minimum, with no loss of any kind, not even nature’s colors or flavors this is possible because only the water has been removed.

All in a lightweight powdered form, that we can bio-activate by simply mixing them in good clean water.

These organic ‘gentle evaporated’ food powders, can save you time and frustrations. Yet you still get 100% of the benefits of fresh, raw and organic living foods.

Just put the powder into water and you have bio-active juice right here, right now! Better yet, you are still supporting organic farming.