In the same way the body changes or adjusts negatively to adverse conditions, it can change and adjust positively to favorable conditions. The physiological process of degeneration will change to regeneration when you supply better food, better air, better water and living habits.

To better understand the cleansing process of the body, you need to understand that the body is, simply put, a system of tubes of different sizes and functions.

Your digestive tract is a long tube extending from your mouth to your elimination passageways. Your circulatory system is a series of connecting tubes starting with the nostril tubes and connecting with other tubes of blood, sinuses, etc. Your brain, your lymphatic system and your hair are tubes. The very pores of your skin are tubes rising from the internal structure of your body. The tubes vary in size from the width of a single cell to many inches, as in the stomach.

Whenever there is a blockages of a tube, disease can set in. An aneurysm is a clogging or breaking of a brain tube, and a stroke is a blocking of blood tubes leading to the brain. A varicose vein is a vein that is blocked and has burst within. A hernia is a break in the muscular tubes, and constipation is the blockages of the colon tube.

When the body begins to consume liquid light crystals in fresh fruit and vegetables juices and milks and water, then it will be constantly cleansing.

The liquid crystals act as a strong solvent in the tubes of the body to dissolve the obstructions, which interfere with smooth functioning.

When you are fueling your body with livening liquids that have a very high vibration, and have eliminated the low level, coarse vibration that comes from solid foods then the tubes are able to unclog, and all of their toxic build up and morbid accumulations will be pushed out through the tubes of the body for expulsion. Their low vibration will go with them.

This cleansing is what happens in an extended fast on water or living juices, and sometimes discomfort is experiences in the form of nausea, hunger and pain.