Don Tolman’s – Himalayan Rock Salt

Earth made Sea Salt and Earth made Rock Salt is essential for life — you cannot live without it nor can plants and nearly all animals. However, most people simply don’t realize that there are enormous differences between the ‘man made’ toxic chemical cooking salt and table salts, that the ignorant masses use, and that are added to packaged foods. These differences can have a major impact on your staying healthy, and alive.
If you want your body to function properly, you need holistic clean unadulterated Earth made Salts. Salts complete with all-nature made elements. Today’s common aluminized table salt has nothing in common with nature made salt.

Himalayan, meaning house (or abode/body) of snow) is where this salt (meaning sacred gift) gets its name. It’s, “as pure as the driven snow,” not the color of snow, but the ‘purest of salts’. This is by far one of the purest rock salts available on and made by the Earth Herself  is absolutely uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants.

Containing all of the 84 known elements found in your body, the benefits of natures Himalayan Crystal Salt include:

Regulating the water content throughout your body, hydration.

Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells.

Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging.

Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body.

Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

Supporting respiratory health.

Promoting sinus health.

Prevention of muscle cramps.

Promoting bone strength.

Regulating your sleep — it naturally promotes sleep.

Supporting your libido through vessel dilation.

Promoting vascular health.

In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure.