Blushield – Scalar Energy and EMF – What You Need To Know

WHAT IS SCALAR ENERGY? Scalar energy is considered, by the relatively (and shockingly) few who know it exists, as potentially the greatest discovery in the history of science.  Mostly referred to by the term “scalar fields” or “scalar energy”, other terms used to describe this property of the universe are information fields, longitudinal magneto-dielectric waves, […]

EMF’s, Retroviruses and Chronic Illness

EMF’s, Retroviruses and Chronic Illness EMF’s, RETROVIRUSES AND CHRONIC ILLNESS Cutting-edge science is making new discoveries about a class of pathogens called retroviruses.  Dr. Judy Mikovits, Frank Rosetti and other research scientists have found that human endogenous retroviruses (HERV’s) have evolved within human DNA for probably millions of years.  Human endogenous retroviruses make up to […]

Interview with Brandon Amalani of Blushield USA

Interview with Brandon Amalani from Blushield USA Jay:  Hey, welcome to Mindhacker’s Radio with Dr. Jay Wiles, a podcast for increasing mental well being, enhancing cognitive performance, improving physical health outcomes, and living life with meaning and purpose. Glad to have you here for the ride. To avoid any confusion, please know that none of the […]